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      ‣ Measuring

      Warning: You probably wear a bigger size in bib overalls than you think!


      Overall sizes are measured in inches by waist and inseam- just like jeans.

      However, overalls have to go over your belly. So if your belly hangs over the top of your jeans, you may need a much bigger waist size in overalls.

      For example, it's not uncommon for a person who wears a 32" waist in jeans to wear a 40" waist in overalls.

      This is because your waist size in overalls will be the widest part of your belly.

      So to get an accurate idea of your waist size, take a measuring tape and measure around the biggest part of your belly. Add 2-6 inches to that number for comfort.

      Not all men have the same shape, so it can take some trial and error to find your perfect size.


      Also known as "length". This is usually the same size you wear in jeans.

      Changing from another brand?

      If you wear a 36" waist or larger in any of the following brands of overalls, we recommend a waist size at least 2" larger in Round House:

      • Berne
      • Big Smith
      • Carhartt
      • Dickies
      • Key
      • Liberty

      ‣ Shrinkage

      Plan on your overalls shrinking about an inch in length after the first few washes. For example, from a 32" inseam to 31".

      As with all 100% clothing, the hotter you wash and dry them, the more they shrink.

      ‣ Care

      To keep your buckles lasting as long as possible, be sure to buckle them before placing them in the laundry.

      Other questions about sizing? Ask us!