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      As history buffs and Oklahomans, it is our great pleasure to share The Story Of Round House: Making an American Legacy with you.

      Round House has the honor of attracting visitors from all over the globe, and we have a unique opportunity to share the fascinating aspects of Shawnee and Oklahoma history and culture, using our product as a touchstone, that our visitors would almost certainly never hear otherwise.

      While obviously the broader purpose of this website is commercial, great care has been taken to provide significant historical accuracy, clarity, and depth far beyond what a simple product advertisement would require.

      Images on the Round House history page are either owned by Round House outright, so old that they have passed into the public domain or have no reasonably ascertainable authorship, and/or are modified and presented for a specific historical purpose such that they reasonably fall under educational and/or transformative fair use.

      Additionally, images are displayed only in low-resolution format that is widely available, are not directly downloadable, and could not reasonably replace any other image source.

      Thank you!